Rowdy, Rich, Rural, Americana


Hailing from the quaint but beautiful Methow Valley, Danville blends the diverse sounds of country, folk, rock and Americana with rich instrumentation and haunting harmonies. Danville's original material consists of timeless narratives of bygone times, interwoven with contemporary themes and manifestations of scenic beauty. Rowdy live performances with enough drive and foot stomping to pair perfectly with a favorite brew, bottle of whiskey, or glass of warm milk.

Danville originated as a constructive way for principal song writer, Solomon Woras to pass a long lonely winter living in a yurt atop a secluded hill. The project, then called "Wild Mountain Nation" originally consistedof a revolving cast of musicians. After three years of playing and solidifying the current lineup recording began in the winter of 2015. After two years of recording in a repurposed wood shed turned recording studio Danville is prepared to self release their first full length album, "Floodplain"  in the fall of 2017.   


Danville is: Greg Knab- Mandolin and Vocals,  Mike Borowski- Drums/Percussion,  Phil Woras- Bass and Vocals,

 Annie  Emmenegger- Vocals and Guitar,  Jason Miller- Keyboards/Piano/Organ,   Solomon Woras- Vocals and Guitar 


Photo: Ken Libby


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