Songs are Just stories....

For me songs have always just been stories. Obviously songs can come in many forms, but the story of a song has always been intriguing. What does it mean? Who are these characters? Where did this come from? The space between a pair of headphones can become a portal to another world and transport far from the confines of the every day and deep into your own imagination. Writing a song, to me, remains one of the most mysterious, transformative experiences in my life. Just like listening to a good story you never know where things might lead, or what revelations will be unearthed. 



Lyrics for "Floodplain" 



Smile and a Lie

Have a friend in this position / Love has left him on a shelf

Just and empty whiskey bottle/ and some lies he tells himself

And I catch my self say’n/ things ‘ll work out in the end

Though I’m sure that there’s a difference in what we know     and we pretend

 There’s this girl who bags his groceries/ He just wants to try her on/ They get back to her apartment / she passes out with her boots on

 And I catch my self say’n/ love will find him in the end

Though I’m sure that there’s a difference in what we know and we pretend

 And he caries her to bed now/ tells himself she’s still the one

Sobers up and makes some coffee/ thought he knows that he should run

We get high/ we get high/ on the things we keep in side

we get by / we get by / on a smile and a lie

 And I catch my self say’n things ‘ll work out in the endthough I’m sure that there’s a difference in what we know and we pretend



Ballad of Robert Kent


Yes my name is Robert Kent I’m aware of all the time I spent / Robbing banks shooting folks and doing all these deeds that it regret

Yes though I’m a wicked man my path was not always cut from stone / though I am a lonely man there was a time when I was not alone

Happy man was I happy home and happy family / until the day that I returned and found my wife with my best friend E-Lee

 Children were playing in the clover by the barn/ I pulled out my 45 and shot Lee in the arm/ Steers they spooked and bolted crushed my little ones/ bullet passed through his left arm and stuck my own true love/ shot my own true love with my own gun.

 When the dust had cleared looked around at all the deeds I’d done/ smiled to my self I turned ended old E-Lee’s life just for fun

With a match and gasoline I bid farewell to my oldhome and farm/ turned my back on those I loved cloud of dust and blood in old Lee’s car.

Drove that Ford across the state it ran out of gas in Tennessee/ stole my self another one and robbed the first big bank that I did see.

Police light were flashing but I was having fun/ three of those     Poor bastards met the muscle of my gun/ when the night was over I was a free man/ fifty thousand dollars 45 in my right hand / gun in my right hand I’m a free man.

 Three years on the road I spent robbing banks and living by my gun / money flowed from those I killed but I’ll admit it wasn’t always fun.

They caught me down in Mexico said I wouldn’t go without a fight / but when they came for me at last I threw down my guns at dawns first light.

Now I sit in this here cell you would think that it would bother me/ all the awful things I done but now I just miss my family.



Think again


Lift your head and you look to the sky / See the stars and you always ask why

It's the same old song / How can all those people be / wrong

Lost it all on a deal gone bad / turn away from the friends you had

its a lonesome road / when you walk alone / and you ask him why

If you expect him to cure your cancer / or mend that hole in your heart / If you think he'll bring your wife back from the dead / you best be thinking again

there's a flood or a hurricane/ loves lost and no one's to blame

it's the same as the rain / pouring on my window/ pane

wether if you ask'n why / hold you head in your hands and cry

you can bleed through the day / or fly away on the wind

So if you expect him to give an answer / or drive a stake through evil heart/  if you think he'll turn this water into gold / you best be thinking again



They Know


Long this road it stretches out in front of me

These crested cliffs reach out their hands to touch the sea

these deserts dry the wind swept plains that I can see

touching down soft ground and pines of Tahachapi


Soft golden hill at the light of first dawn

I check my heart and its time for moving on

bay at night, moon bright it shines on her pale skin

opens up fills my cup and offers me come in


Follow me these alley ways and quiet abandon streets

box cars dark bars where rose and rivers meet

pedal on through cherry blossom lanes of fresh cut grass

hold on this feeling cus I know that it wont last


Soft the sand between my toes / hold on this feeling as it goes this ground it speaks as thought it knows / tall grass waves crash and the winds blow yes they know yes they know yes they know ya they know



The Yoke

It’s the same old road /Ive written it down

Oh the words they may change but the feelings remain

And I carry it around /its my burden of shame

I can wash clean the wound but the blood it still stains

There’s a falling leaf /and she catches the sun

And I thought for a moment I could change what’s been done

For if I could fly /or glide away

Like the leaf on the wind or the things I can’t say

         If I said it to you/ would it change your life

         Unfreeze my cold heart and unchain my sick mind

         The keys to a lock that’s been buried in time

So Ill let it go /and you turn and run

Thistle down floats and reflects evening sun

There’s a blanket of leaves / hide the roots of these trees

Like a vail on your eyes that won’t let you see me

For the man that I am/ or the one I could be

If I could unfurl these wings and fly over these trees



Blue Line Special

It was 40 yours ago today on a cold November night/ they robbed the blue line special just north the county line

Oh Jed he saw coming/ and he shouted to the wind

On a tip from a woman they had working in the bank/ was said the train was loaded and easy for the take

She came around the bend / two riders did descend

Was known around the town she had the keys to Jim’s heart/ and when he had the money they would never be apart

Her daddy was a rail man and / and a rich one to

Said she couldn’t marry /no penniless fool


         Oooo oooo and she haunts that line

         Oh Ohhh come November time

         Her red blood it stained fresh fallen snow

         But her voice still calls out from below oh oh


Promised her they’d settle on a farm and make a life/ maybe have a couple children if she’d be big Jim’s wife /

He held that colt revolver/ on that engineer/

Took him to the bank safe where they found an awful sight/ the bank safe was empty and someth’n just aint right


That box car filled with law men/ it’s the end of the line

It was clear they’d been set up/ set up to take a fall they clapped them boys in irons and they led them down the hall /

Jed whispered in the darkness /it must have been that girl

Jim clenched his fist in anger / it must have been that girl

Jim He broke free that night and though he should have run/ he snuck into the armory and stole himself a gunClimbed the hill above the town where he knew the girl to live /and shot her through the heart no reason could she give/

For if she could have spoken the truth he would have known/ it was jed who sold them out that night for a pardon and the gold



Rusty Rails


I been riding these rusty rails /with a pistol and my pride

Been riding for days and nights with my lover by my side

I left that old farm house /at the top of the hill

I left my ma and pa so my fortune I could fill

So my fortune I could fill

Green hills like a patchwork quilt / through this box car door

Felt the heat of a summer night casting shadows on dirt floor

I could feel you next to me/ the warmth of your breath

I will ride these rails with you come sickness or come death

Come sickness or come death

We been watching this landscape pass/come sun and come rain

Sitt’n here side by side on the back of this freight train

This grat wide country side / from near to far

Been writing down these words drinking whiskey from a mason jar /we’re drinking whiskey from a mason jar  



Tear in My eye


I wont stand in your way/ promise not to hold to tight

I will stand guard beside you/ hold you close in morning light

And if you ask of me to leave you/ I will smile and pretend

That its not my heart that’s breaking / and somehow its not the end


And I don’t want to have to tell you/ and I don’t  want to say goodby/ But as I stand here in the darkness a tear in my eye


So if I asked of you to take me / take me far from all this pain

And if somehow I could go with you/ would your heart still feel the same

So ill wait here in the snow dear / loose my self in these tall pines

Ill be waiting when you come back/ evening sun in my eyes


And I don’t want to have to tell you / I don’t want to say goodby/ But as I sit here in the darkness a tear in my eye



I don’t Know Why


I don’t know why / why when I’m with you feel those holes in side filling in with something good / something real

Like the deserts dry/ like cool summer rain on the parched desert plain/ I feel the same / no more pain if just for now

 And to be honest I feel scared/ and though I’m grateful I’m aware/ of the sound its just the rain pouring down on the ground

 When you look at me look at me/ look at me that way I feel my branches sway/ in your wind then I begin to live again.

Wish I could ware you around/ you are my armor and my solid ground/ you arethe stars you are the sun you are the one/ for now

 And to be honest I feel scared/ though I’m grateful I’m aware/ of the danger that lies there/ in the dark beyond this light I feel tonight by your side. 



Where We’re Going


If I had a hundred dollars for every day I said I miss you what would I do

I would spend it on a ticket to some place where I wouldn’t See you/ every day

But no distance is enough to quell the stuff of love and memory / of you

Though I’ve walked so many miles in your shoes still don’t know you had to choose


I don’t know where we are going but here’s to hoping/ turns out ok/ And though these yellow lines are broken/ and where we’re going I cant say


Im so sorry for the things that have been done I know I hurt you but I hurt too

And if I were to say I loved you yesterday it would be true/ what can I do

What can I do to right the wrong that has been done and when its over love is gone

Though its true I found another there’s still a place here in my heart I hold for you


 I don’t know where we are going but here’s to hoping/ turns out ok/  And though these yellow lines are broken/ and where we’re  going I can't say on the edge of some horizon sun is rising we’re gonna try/ oh    Ooh I gonna try to take it easy but for now its good by.